DJ Addict

I've had a passion for music for as long back as I can remember.

I first got hooked on techno at the age of 17 after going to numerous free parties both in Norwich and further afield and it wasn't long before I invested in my first set of turntables. Three years at uni in Plymouth saw me develop a love for dark, moody drum n bass, still very much inspired by the rollin, progressive sounds of techno. During those three years my crew and I put on and played at countless messy house parties and club nights with our first club promotion being the night Rollcage at The Fortescue.

2005 was when I first discovered dubstep and it opened up a whole new world of sounds and ideas to me. Regular trips to nights like FWD and DMZ in London helped me develop a knowledge of the scene and how the sound had progressed. I suppose what I'm playing today still loosely falls under the dubstep title although you can expect to hear influences of 2step, techno and ukfunky in one of my sets.

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